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Not sure about you, but I was taught that disagreements led to arguments.

And arguments are BAD…

I have to admit, as a fresh-faced youth, watching the adults (aka parents) in my immediate proximity argue wasn’t particularly pleasant. In fact, it was often pretty frightening.

Yup, my folks were both strong willed and stressed out. So any disagreements were potentially explosive..

Which probably had quite a bit to do with why I grew up with an urgent desire to placate and soothe those near and dear to me..

But I digress, that’s not what this musing is about.

Nope, today I want to draw attention to just how many unique and opposing opinions there are out there currently. About just about anything..!

And thanks to our wildly popular and numerous social media platforms, it’s super-easy to grasp onto any thread of your particular picking.

And that’s where the challenge begins..

When it comes to topics close to our hearts (whatever they may be), it’s nearly impossible to remain unattached emotionally as we read/hear what can sometimes be emotionally charged and hateful opinions expressed by those with differing values and beliefs. Add a dollop of fear and all emotions become super-charged..

And if we’re not careful, we leave the conversation in a really low emotional state – however that presents itself.

So what’s the answer?

Do we simply avoid these interactions?

Should we simply give any media a wide berth..?

Well, first ask yourself these questions:

What exactly was my intention when I entered this conversation? Was I looking for validation of my own perspective?

And more importantly, what emotional state was I in?

Quite simply, when we enter any conversation with an expectation of a specific outcome, we’re setting ourselves up for a rude spanking.

When we need others to agree with us in order to feel VALIDATED, we’re literally handing our power away.

Additionally, entering any potentially volatile platform when we’re in a low emotional state spells trouble. That’s a no-brainer..

My thoughts?

Well, there’s nothing wrong with differing opinions.

It’s what keeps life interesting.

What we need to consider is WHY we battle to accept the concept individual truths. 

Yup, my truth is true for me. Your truth is true for you.

That’s our birthright. NEITHER is wrong.

So maybe what we need is a little more TOLERANCE for all of these truths. Which starts with ACKNOWLEDGEMENT and ACCEPTANCE that these differing truths exist.

Maybe we can enter these conversations with more CURIOSITY and less RESISTANCE.

And maybe we can allow ourselves to recognise (without judgement) when others are perhaps guided by fear and intolerance and not take it personally.

We’re all on our own unique journey, traversing this interesting (and sometimes chaotic) planet in our own unique way.

Sharing our thoughts and ideas is something to celebrate..!

It’s how we expand our own realities.

Which is, essentially, why we’re here..

Simple, right?