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What’s the difference between living CONSCIOUSLY, or not..?

It’s a question i get asked a lot in the work that I do. And I’ll answer it in the form of an analogy.

Imagine you need to get from A to B. So you do what any normal person would do and call Uber.

You climb in the back of the Uber vehicle and your driver heads off towards your destination. Now you know where you’re going, but you leave it up to the driver to decide how best to get there. Of course he also decides how fast/slow or recklessly he drives the vehicle. You only get to react accordingly (mostly from fright..).

Yup, he’s in control, you’re not.

And, depending on his skill behind the wheel, that knowledge could leave you feeling anything from mild anxiety to outright terror..!

Of course, there’s always the chance that he’s a really good driver, and the journey turns out to be super-relaxing. Either way, in this scenario, how you feel will always be determined by your driver’s skill on the road. Something you have absolutely no control over.

Which means it wouldn’t be uncommon to feel mildly victimized by these circumstances.

So what’s the alternative?

Imagine a similar scenario, yet in this one you have your own vehicle. Which means that not only do you get to choose which route to take, as the driver you get to actively drive the vehicle in a manner and speed that you prefer.

Which also means that indirectly, YOU get to determine how you feel DURING and AFTER the journey. 


Living CONSCIOUSLY is the opposite of feeling VICTIMISED.

The energy of victimhood is about feeling controlled by circumstances or events outside of ourselves. Being caught up in the energy of victimhood means that we feel justified in blaming another for how we feel.

Which disempowers us. Completely.

Being CONSCIOUS is about being aware of our surroundings – literally and figuratively.

It’s about actively participating in life through CHOICE. Not simply reacting to whatever happens around us.

When we’re AWARE, we’re more willing and able to CHOOSE how we want to respond to any event that shows up.

And when it’s OUR choice, we’re more likely to take responsibility for whatever the outcome.

Which is EMPOWERING. Right..?


So now you get to ask yourself:

Do I choose to be the DRIVER? Or do I choose to be the PASSENGER..?

Neither choice is wrong. But the experience of each is totally different.

So go ahead, CHOOSE one. Consciously.

Simple, right?