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Do you ever tell yourself stories? I’m talking about those self-defeating made-up-in-your-head stories.. The “worst case” scenario types. You get the picture, right?

Well, you’re in good company. Here’s a recent example..

A few months ago, we finally sold my dad’s house! Yee-hah! But that meant that I needed to find somewhere new to live.

“No problem” I told myself. 3 months is MORE than enough time. And it is. Until the monkey-brain kicks into life and the OVERTHINKING begins.. Sigh..

A few weeks later, I woke up feeling a sense of urgency. I can’t tell you why, it was just there. Lingering. Gnawing away at my sense of contentment as the day wore on.

“What if I can’t find the perfect spot..?”

“What if there aren’t any rentals available that allow pets”??

“What if I end up homeless..??” (Okay, that’s a bit extreme, but my mind is GOOD at doing extreme..)

So in a panic I jumped online and started looking ferociously. That was a Friday, and by the Monday I had signed the lease for the perfect cottage with easy access to the mountains and nestled in amongst a canopy of huge trees. AND (bonus!) there’s a private garden for my two furry friends.

Yup, it was that simple. With 2 months to spare..

Looking back now, I do giggle at myself. Why? Because I recognise the monkey-brain for what it is. An extension of a fear-based thought. That’s all.

And I know that the outcome is NEVER as bad as what I imagine it will be. Ever!

In this case my fear was based on an interpretation (aka perception) of my future. Which we all know is just not true. And the really COOL thing about interpretations, is that we can change them. Whenever we choose to.

But I also know that my habit of overthinking is simply part of how I’m wired.

I accept that.

It’s not wrong or bad. And it DOESN’T need fixing.

It’s part of what makes me HUMAN.. Right?

Something else that I’ve noticed is that I no longer take this busy brain too seriously. I’m able to recognise when it shows up, and it never sticks around for too long.

In my experience, OVERTHINKING is simply a HABIT. I get to CHOOSE whether I define myself by it, or not.

So next time you notice yourself fabricating stories, either in the moment or with hindsight, be kind to yourself. Show compassion for your busy (and super-creative) brain.

Try to simply ACCEPT this part of yourself. Unconditionally.

Then let it go..