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Few of us realise just how dependent we are on our technical devices (aka phones, tablets and laptops) until we lose them or they malfunction.

Goodness! It’s like losing a limb..!

In my case, I suffered the “malfunction” option last week.

Out of the blue, my phone decided that it preferred NOT to stay connected to wifi for longer than a few seconds at a time.

So I did what any tech-savvy (not) person would do and Googled it. There were a few interesting suggestions to try – which I did – but I knew deep down that the only way this wrong could be righted was a factory restore.

And yes, that means I lose all my data, apps and settings.

ALL. OF. IT. Sigh..

So I sucked it up, backed-up everything that could be backed-up, and just did it.

And yes, it was a chore..

But there was a surprising upside too..

I was working from a blank canvas. Which meant I got to re-evaluate and re-design the look/feel and the content of my device. And it was surprisingly refreshing too!

There were a bunch of apps that I simply decided not to reinstall. “Clear the clutter” so to speak..

I also chose new and unusual ringtones and notification tones. I know, it’s a small thing but it was fun all the same..

So why am I telling you this?

Well, it got me pondering.. (as I do..)

Maybe the idea of a more personal “de-cluttering” is worth considering.

As with devices, when we have too much “stuff” going on (be it physical or emotional), we’re bogged down. Yup, it affects our output..

Taking the time to consciously let go of what no longer serves us, creates more space for new ideas, insights and opportunities.

Personally, it’s no coincidence that I’m moving house next month. The timing couldn’t be more perfect!

I get to de-clutter as I pack up. Let go of the accumulated (and unnecessary) “stuff” from the past 2 years.

I‘ll be lighter. Less burdened. With a fresh new perspective.

Just like my cell phone.

And in case you’re wondering? Yup, the hard-reset fixed the wifi too..

Maybe it’s time to considered your own hard-reset..?

Just a thought..

Simple, right..?