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At the end of January I’ll be moving. Again.

Yup, it’ll be my fourth move in the space of 6 years.

And I’m SUPER-excited..!

Back-peddle a decade. If you’d told me then that I’d be moving this frequently – by choice – I would have assumed you’d been smoking your socks.

Because back then, my home (which I’d owned and lived in for the better part of 15 years) represented my pillar of stability. My security. My safe place.

Letting go of my home (voluntarily) was something I simply couldn’t fathom.

Losing it, would signify failure. Pure and simple.

So what changed, you ask?

A damn good question! With a pretty simple answer..

I changed.

How I saw myself  and the world around me shifted. It was almost as if I “woke up” from a long slumber, more consciously aware of myself and the world around me than ever before.

Okay, maybe that analogy isn’t quite accurate, because it was a gradual shift. Over a relatively long period.

Looking back, I realised this:

It’s only when we feel “unsafe” that we need a safe place.

And it’s only when we feel “insecure” that we reach for security.

And that pretty accurately describes how I felt. Most of the time.

But over the years, that constant state of self-imposed victimhood became more and more uncomfortable. Which birthed a desire to explore other possibilities. More empowering perspectives, so to speak.

And with that came the understanding of how when we feel weak and vulnerable, we reach for things outside of ourselves to feel safe, secure and strong.

Like I did with my house.

Not surprisingly, as my sense of self grew stronger, my attachment to my house diminished. Until almost overnight I spontaneously decided to sell up and begin a new adventure.

Which involved a wooden cabin and a wine farm.

And wow! Did I learn a LOT about myself in that time. But that’s a story for another time.

So this is my fourth move.

My NEXT adventure looms.

But know this:

With each move I’m MORE than who I was before.

I’ve reached OUTSIDE of my zone of comfort.

Which means I KNOW MYSELF better than ever.

Because that’s fundamentally why we’re here, right?


Because THAT’S the key to understanding this experience called life..

We embark on our own individual journey (aka adventure) where we interpret each experience (chosen or not) UNIQUELY…

Which determines how we FEEL.

And that interpretation is our CHOICE. Always.

Simple, right?