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I recently moved to a new home.

Which, if I’m honest, in my reality isn’t that big of a deal really.

But something intriguing happened on the day of the “big move” which I feel compelled to share. So bare with me..

The day started out pretty normally. Well, as normally as any “big move day” could, I suppose. I’m a pretty organised person so I had the order of events meticulously planned in my head.

I won’t bore you with those details, suffice to say that the removal team were due at 9am sharp. Ok, who am I kidding – 9am ‘ish (this is Cape Town after all)..

As 9.30am rolled by with no sign of the removal team, I felt mild concern.

By 10am I was on the edge of panic (and I RARELY panic). It didn’t help that my increasingly frantic calls were going unanswered..

At around 10.30am I finally received a text message from the removal chap, apologising profusely for leaving me in the lurch but explaining that he was unable to help me due to a family emergency.

WTF..!!! (except I verbalised the actual words. Loudly..!)

I simply HAD to move that day as the new tenants were due to take occupation the following day.

I was desperate…!

In an attempt at damage control, the now-disgraced removal chap texted me again to say he’ was sending one of the locals to help me out.

Which should have made me feel better, but it didn’t. Not. At. All.

For those who are new to my world, let me expand a little.

I live in Cape Town. Which is in South Africa. And which is also a developing country.

I must also add that I truly do love it here and wouldn’t choose to live anywhere else.

AND, as a developing country, we try as best as possible to support our locals. Me included.

BUT, when it comes to moving all my earthly possessions to a new location, I can be a little fussy..

So when 2 open-backed trucks pulled up outside, and 4 eager and energetic lads jumped out, I felt my heart sink.

It was time to take stock of my predicament.

Here I was, boxes packed, furniture stacked yet facing limited options.

I’d allowed myself to caught up in thoughts of fear and panic as the events of the morning had unfolded. I felt frustrated, helpless and miserable. And now I was imagining the worst..

Simply put, my discomfort was a direct result of my resistance to the flow of events. Instead, I was doing what I always do when I’m in fear – I was trying to control the outcome.

Which wasn’t working out too well.

So I made a conscious decision right then and there.

I would step aside, ACCEPT WHAT IS, and simply let this event unfold.

AND I would observe with curiosity (not panic).

And that’s when the entire experience of that day shifted for me.

I watched these local chaps (who were in fact from Zimbabwe), create what I can only refer to as a work of art..

See for yourself..

What you see above was perfectly balanced, 100% secure and absolutely nothing was damaged.

Yup, as well as being friendly and helpful, they were brilliant!

And so yet again, dear reader, I got to practice the wonderful art of TRUSTING and ALLOWING..

I won’t lie, it wasn’t easy (initially), but when I finally got out of my own way, everything eased.

With hindsight, I see now that absolutely nothing about the day was wrong. And that includes the initial removal chap who didn’t arrive. That was perfect too.

And that’s the point I wanted to make today.

Nothing is ever really WRONG or BAD..

Only our PERCEPTION of it.

Relax. Trust. Allow.

It’ll rock your world..

Simple, right..?