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If you’re a regular reader of my musings, you’ll have picked up that I’ve recently moved house (I wrote about it here).

And in case I haven’t said it enough, I REALLY love my new home. I can’t help but gush – there are just so many aspects to it that I resonate with.

The vast amount of trees, cooler climate, quieter neighbourhood, increased privacy and awesome garden for my pooches are just a few things that pop into my brain.

The house itself is fabulous too (but I won’t bore with those details)..

Suffice to say, I was sharing this exact commentary (conversationally) with a friend recently. When I’d finished gushing, she laughed and said

That’s EXACTLY what you said the last time you moved! Let’s see how you feel in another 2 years!

And here’s the thing – she’s RIGHT!

But whilst she felt it was a “bad” (and laughable) thing, I didn’t.

In fact, I personally feel really good about it!


Well, I really loved my previous home too. Initially. But by the time I moved out of it, I couldn’t wait to leave.

The house was the same, so were the neighbours. Nope, nothing had changed from when I initially moved in,

Except ME..

Yup, My love/hate relationship with my previous homes is PROOF that I’m growing and expanding. It’s proof that I’m open to new challenges and realities. That I’m not hiding in a self-made comfort zone.


Now before you shout at me (because you like your house of 10 years+), I need to clarify that we all grow and expand in different ways. Moving to new (and better) homes works for me on many levels. YOU know what works for you – however that manifests.

What I know for sure is that who I am today is not at all who I was 2 years ago. And the same can be said for who I’ll be in another few years.

Which means that maybe I’ll look different. Or eat differently.

Or maybe my circle of friends will shift.

And maybe, just maybe, I’ll be looking for somewhere new to live. Just because I can (and it’s fun..)

Life is FLUID chaps.

Sometimes change is GOOD. Even NECESSARY.

When something starts to feel uncomfortable, try and notice why.

Maybe it’s simply your process of change wanting to happen.


See where it leads.

That’s what LIVING is all about..!

Which is why we’re here..

Simple, right?