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“Strive to be the BEST VERSION of yourself”..

Sound familiar?

We read it in self-empowerment blurbs. And often hear it from the guru’s. Heck, even I say it to my clients at times.

But what does that mean? Like REALLY mean?

I recently had a client tell me that she doesn’t KNOW what the best version of herself looks like. And not only that, but HOW can she recognise that..?

Brilliant question.

Here’s my take;

It’s all about HOW YOU FEEL..

When we’re feeling GOOD (and I mean genuinely good) then we’re VIBING HIGH. That’s when we’re closest to that better version of ourselves.

And conversely, when we’re feeling not so good the opposite can be said.

Let me elaborate with my own example..

I started my illustrious corporate career as a pharmaceutical sales rep. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I HATE sales. In any incarnation.

So I would play the part and do the job simply because I was being well paid.

I felt like dishonest and inauthentic. Like I was pretending to be someone that I wasn’t. Telling a story simply to make a sale.

It was awful. But I hung in there for the security of the pay cheque.

I felt no joy, or fun. Just gloom.

That wasn’t me being the REAL me and I was nowhere near being the best version of myself.

But put me in running shorts, trail shoes and peak cap then send me into the mountains for a few hours. THAT awakens my authenticity.

The energy of nature. The freedom to walk, run, climb or jump (with abandon I might add). It feels exhilarating! And awesome! And amazing!

That’s when I feel REALLY good! That’s when I am the best version I can be.

It’s that simple.

Feeling bad = vibing low = showing up in fear.

Feeling good (and amazing, and awesome) = vibing HIGH = Yes! That’s you! At your BEST!

So this week, strive to create more moments of “feeling good” by doing more of the things that excite you and awaken your soul. Whatever they are.

Simply allow your best version of yourself to emerge. Effortlessly.

Simple, right?.