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If you’re someone who believes in vibrations and energies, then you’ll know that the past few months have produced not one but two eclipses as well as the summer/winter solstice (depending on where you live). Which translates into multiple energetic shifts and downloads.

The intention behind these energetic anomalies is to allow us to release those old thoughts and beliefs that unwittingly hold us down.

Of course the only way to recognise said nasty beliefs is by having them triggered.

So if you’ve noticed that you’ve been on an emotional roller-coaster of late – I’d be willing to bet that that’s why.

One of the the old meanies that I’ve been grappling with is that of boundary setting. I found myself in the middle of an event last weekend that involved my neighbour. And wow! Was I triggered!

I’ve never been particularly good at setting boundaries. Nope, it was always waaaay easier to people-please.

As a young adult, it felt really uncomfortable speaking up for my own needs. I would often avoid the issue at hand until it blew up in my face only to find myself on the back foot feeling defensive, desperate and apologetic.

And yet again, letting myself down.

Boundaries, or the lack thereof, were especially prevalent in my relationships (which common in co-dependency).

And it wasn’t simply about saying no.

Speaking my truth was incredibly difficult. And I can’t say exactly why – it just was.

Of course, it’s always much easier to understand with a touch of hindsight.

I see quite clearly now that when we feel a desperate lack of self-worth, it’s almost impossible to believe that anyone else will want to hear us. Or acknowledge our value.

Which, sadly, silences us further.

But, I ALSO know that the act of setting personal boundaries, of speaking up for ourselves (even when no-one’s listening) is exactly the catalyst we need for re-connecting with our sense of worthiness.

Yup, the more we stand firm in our wants and needs, the more we’re affirming to ourselves that we’re VALUABLE.

That we’re WORTHY.

Quite simply, there’s really no point in expecting others to find value in our needs if we don’t acknowledge our value intrinsically.

Setting boundaries is equivalent to high-fiving yourself and shouting


So do it!


Simple, right?