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I found myself in front of “Anne with an E” this past weekend. For those not familiar, it’s a movie remake of “Anne of Green Gables” based on a classic book by Lucy Montgomery penned in 1908 (yup, it’s that old…).

I remember watching the original movie-version back in 1985 as a teenager and feeling such resonance with the character of Anne.


Well, if you ever watched (or read) it, you’ll know that the character of Anne Shirley is deeply passionate, verbosely expressive and more often than not, completely caught up in her vast and vivid imagination.

Sound familiar?

I remember feeling such comfort in the idea that (whilst fictional) there were others out there just like me. That maybe i wasn’t completely bat-shit crazy after all..?

A noticeable difference between Anne and myself though, is that she stubbornly refused to dumb-down her sensitivities whilst I spent much of my childhood and young-adulthood desperately trying to be what I thought people wanted me to be. Dumbing down my thoughts and emotions. And often losing my true self in the process.

I won’t lie. At times it was hard. And maybe you relate?

BUT (and that’s a BIG “but”), after years of trying to find acceptance from people who found me odd, I finally realised that true self-acceptance starts and ends with ME. And ONLY me.

Which kinda made the whole messy journey worthwhile.

To finally be using my empathic gifts and sensitivities to ENHANCE my life after decades of blaming them for holding me back, feels like the Divine all-knowing version of myself welcoming me home with a gentle “ahh, there you are…”

Perfect, right?