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Hands up if you like CHANGE…

If you’re anything like me, your hand will be at half-mast because there are times when I LOVE change yet there are also times when I don’t.

The deciding factor most often falls on whether the change in question was my choice or not.


Because we’re inherently creatures of habit.

We naturally find ease and security in repetitive actions or familiar environments.

Here’s a simple example.

Most of us have a favourite restaurant where we’re familiar with the menu and feel super-comfortable and relaxed when we’re there, right?

Yet if I CHOOSE to explore a new eatery because it feels interesting or exciting, then that’s a welcomed change and I’m eager to do it.

Not so if I’m unexpectedly told that my favourite restaurant has closed and I’m FORCED to find an alternative. That’s feels disappointing and the change feels resistant.

As someone who lives on the extreme end of the “sensitivity” spectrum, I thrive on routine – especially when I’m facing challenges and feeling fearful. It’s comforting for me to know what’s coming and what’s expected.

Yup, I admit to this…

Alternatively, when I’m feeling aligned and “in the zone” I can quickly get bored with too much “same-ness”. It’s in these periods when I’m open to “new” and “different” things and experiences.

Sometimes it’s small changes like a new brand of tea, or a different hair colour.

Other times bigger changes present themselves, like deciding to explore a new place to live.

The thing is, CHANGE is how we expand.¬†It’s how we explore new aspects of ourselves and get to really experience¬†ourselves from a new and interesting perspective.

CHANGE is also something that finds us even when we try to avoid it. The Universe wants us to grow. It wants us to keep on striving to become more. CHANGE is how we do that.

The thing is, we’re not meant to stay the same. Look around, show me one thing in nature (that’s alive) that stays the same?

Ultimately, life is a process. It starts, it evolves, it ends.

We can resist it, or we can embrace it. That will determine our experience of it.

The same can be said for CHANGE.

My advice?

Make it interesting.

Keep your “change muscle” flexible by making regular changes to the small things – daily routines, food choices, running routes, etc… It’ll make dealing with the unexpected (and often unwanted) changes a little easier.

We’re going to grow, expand and evolve whether we embrace the process or not.

It’s why we’re here.

It’s meant to be an adventure.

What do you choose?