Is it okay to DETACH from the world?

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Not sure about you, but I’ve been really “up in my head” a lot lately.

It’s not a complete surprise quite honestly. There have been a couple of astrological/energetic events recently which have had the potential to rock the proverbial “emotional” boat – if you get my drift (pun intended)..
And if, like me, you identify as an HSP (highly sensitive person), it means you may be feeling just a little overwhelmed…

The thing is, irrespective of the cause, I know exactly when I’m in the “sensitive zone” because I far more easily triggered by things that normally wouldn’t bother me.

Like last Thursday.

A fellow colleague made an accusatory comment, which I took personally, and proceeded to dive straight down the “feeling offended” rabbit hole.
I know, I know.. We CHOOSE how we respond to any comments. That’s my mantra, dammit!
But in that moment, I just couldn’t reach for a better feeling thought. I simply went with my the thoughts that matched my low vibe.

Next up was the news that a new covid variant had been discovered.
Here. In South Africa.
Which I knew would mean global panic and possible travel banning by the international community. – which our economy (which relies fairly heavily on tourists) simply cannot afford.

As I read this, my already overtaxed thinking machine went straight into overdrive.
And further down the deep dark rabbit hole I went.

Now I believe in our uniqueness.
Which means that everyone’s experience of being down an emotional rabbit hole differs.
For me, it’s not a quiet dark place of gloom, but rather a claustrophobic feeling of being bombarded by dark and fearful thoughts with an underlying desperate need to escape.

Yup, it’s dramatic.
But it’s also my truth.

I also know myself well enough to know that this too will pass.
It always does.

Thoughts are fluid and always match our emotional vibration.
If I wanted to climb out of the rabbit hole, I needed to shift my vibe.
What I needed was some GROUNDING.

My version of grounding involves pottering in my little garden, reading urban fantasy, watching old-fashioned crime mysteries and, of course, running in the mountains.
But in order to truly engage in these activities, I also need to detach from all media/social media, quiet the noise so to speak.

Which exactly what I did this past weekend.

I’m writing this blog on Monday and let me tell you – I FEEL DAMN GOOD!

My message here today is a simple one:
ACCEPT yourself. It’s okay to be more sensitive than others.
HONOUR what you need. It’s okay to detach from the world to regroup and access your happy place.

Simple, right?


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