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It’s 2022!
Who saw that coming..?

So be honest now, did you get sucked into the “fresh start mentality” and commit to any NY resolutions?
Don’t feel ashamed if you did, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with setting some good intentions.
Especially when they’re from the heart and not made in fear..

As long as you promise to HONOUR YOUR EXPANSION.
And by that I mean please be open to the very real possibility that as the year progresses, and as you evolve and grow, (yup, whether consciously or not, it happens), that resolution you set which sang to your every desire (at the time), may become less attractive.

And you may decide to ditch it.
Ditch it. Without any self-judgement.
Make your OWN rules!

Here’s the thing.
We’re taught from a young age that society likes “achievers”.
And to be an achiever, we have to honour our commitments – no matter what.

Yup, society teaches us to measure our value by the many and various social, academic and personal commitments we’ve COMPLETED.
We’re “doomed to failure” if we don’t finish what we start. Right?

Well, I beg to differ.
I’m done with getting half-way into something which I was initially aligned to, and then realizing that it’s just not fun anymore yet feeling obligated to finish it.
I’m done with caring what other people think if I “drop out” mid-way.
And I’m done with thinking that the only value in any journey is in the destination.

2022 for me is about being PRESENT.
Being in the moment and acting on what I’m in alignment with.

Yup, it means letting go of “planning” (a BIG no-no for many).
And it means shifting my focus from what’s going on EXTERNALLY to what’s going on INTERNALLY.
It also means that every day starts as a blank canvas of possibilities.
IF I allow them in.
Which I damn-well intend to..

So, ask yourself…
What are YOU going to do differently this year?