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A couple of days ago I was doing what I always do first thing in the morning – taking my sweet fur-babies for their daily stroll through the ‘burbs.
We go as soon as it’s light enough when most peeps are still fast asleep.
It’s the BEST time of day..

It’s a pretty Zen time for me. I try to be in the moment and enjoy reveling in how much joy my pups get from sniffing and peeing in as many places as possible.

One of my wards likes to taunt the (few) dogs that are awake and peering longingly at us through their gates. And said taunting can be momentarily noisy – as I’m sure you can imagine.
But all parties always have fun and it’s never aggressive by nature. I see it as an impromptu play-date.

Sadly, not everyone feels that way.
I was (not pleasantly) surprised when a chap who was up watering his garden unceremoniously yelled at me for “unnecessarily inciting his dogs”.
Sigh. He wasn’t wrong, we had done exactly that. But all in the name of fun.

Needless to say, I devolved straight into blaming. My Zen state was replaced with grumpiness and I huffed all the way home, grumbling about all the ways he was unjustified and at fault.
No-one likes being yelled at, right?

After I’d fed my brood, I geared up in my running attire and headed for the mountain, inner voice noisily grumbling away.
I know what you’re thinking “why are you upset over something so trivial?”
And in some sense you’d be right.
BUT, I’m wired in a way that reacts more strongly than most to other people’s low emotional state. I just do and I’m okay with that.
I also know myself well enough to know that with some conscious grounding, my emotional vibe lifts back up pretty quickly and I get to look back and fondly do an internal eye-roll at myself.

In this case, running on the mountain was my grounding and by the time I got my sweaty butt back home my Zen was back.
Yay me!

The reason I’m sharing this event with you, is this.
In the past, I would have clung desperately onto this event, got all up in my head and felt defensive and offended. I would have replayed it over and over, nearly driving myself crazy for most of the day.

These days I’ve found a different perspective.

Not everything that happens (uncomfortable or not) has to mean anything about me.
There doesn’t have to be a lesson in every experience.

He was angry (which is HIS business).
I reacted (because I’m more sensitive than most).
Neither of us was wrong, we were simply acting on our own truths.
We’re simply human, having human experiences.

It happened.
And that’s all…

Simple, right?