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For many of us it’s normal practice to look for meaning in most of the things we experience. Especially those things that aren’t so “comfortable”.

Me? I always look for meaning in the unwanted events that pop up in my life. It’s easier for me to find acceptance if I know something good came out of a perceived crappy experience.

Here’s a recent example.
If you know anything about me, you’ll know that I LOVE trailrunning. Being in the mountains is my oxygen.

So when my body throws a curveball at me that leaves me unable to run for a period of time, I have to dig deep not to roll around on the floor in tantrum-mode yelling “WHYYY..??!!”.

Okay, I know, a tad dramatic…

In a nutshell, my lower back is misbehaving and referring pain to my hamstrings. It’s something that has popped up in the past and I know it’s simply a matter of practicing rest, self-care and patience.

My personal belief system supports the understanding that our bodies are always communicating with us – specifically when we feel any kind of discomfort (aka pain).

The challenge for me has been to step back from wanting to fix/control this issue (because then I can start running again, right?) using my intellectual side (my head) and instead find some acceptance in the situation and listen more to my intuitive side (my heart).

Fixing or controlling is fear-based.

Acceptance and allowing (intuitive listening) is love-based.

My intuitive side knows that my body will resolve this pain when it’s ready to – if I get out of my own way and allow it to.

I also know that resistance is what creates pain in the first place which means that any attempt from me to control this, will be counter-productive.

Of course this doesn’t mean avoiding any physical intervention, but instead of visiting the physiotherapist with the aim of fixing the issue (fear-based), I’ve chosen practices like massage and yoga as additions to my self-care routine, and self care is an act of self-love.

That the pain is focused in my lower back on the right side is definitely relevant. But whereas in the past I would have been glued to Google trawling the “metaphysical meaning” sites, this time I’m going trust that the relevance will show up in some form if I relax and simply create the space for it.

Or maybe not. And that’s okay too…

At this point in this experience, my intuition has nudged me towards consciously choosing to improve my level of self-care which, in turn, has led to a deeper appreciation of my body.

Maybe that’s all I needed to learn from this? Maybe not.

Will I be able to maintain this perspective?
Probably most of the time (allowing for the odd temper-tantrum).
It’s a moment-by-moment thing, an exercise in staying present.
Which is never a bad thing, right?