I’m willing to bet that for a while now you’ve been feeling nudged towards exploring a future version of yourself.

Maybe you’re ready for a shift in career? Or it could be time to release a relationship?

Maybe you’re feeling the urge to improve your relationship with your physical body.

Or finally get that book written (or even open a book store)?

Or maybe you just want to become more comfortable with who you are?

Whatever you’re pursuing, I’m guessing you’re eager to get going but unsure of those first steps?

Over the last decade, It’s been my absolute privilege to work with people just like you!

I’ve helped many curious and eager souls reach deep within to access their own inner light and deepest wisdom.

Making changes, realigning ourselves and manifesting desires takes COURAGE.

Which we ALL have. Yes, you too.

Helping you discover and access that courage is part of the journey that we’ll take together.

At SOUL level..

Which means you’ll be welcoming profound insights, much needed clarity and the ability to finally LET STUFF GO..



Full disclosure, I’m an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person).

Which means my own journey so far has swung from interesting and exciting, to intense, overwhelming and sometimes just damn scary!

Being an HSP also means that I feel my emotions far more deeply than most. Which, as you may know, super-charges any event!

Yet it’s been through learning to navigate this crazy life whilst learning to nurture and honour my sensitivities as STRENGTHS that’s got me to this profound moment in my life.

And I’m immensely grateful…

When I’m not working with my fabulous clients – both locally and around the world – you’ll find me running on mountains, spending time with family, exploring with my two fur-babies, reading anything “fantasy”, or just “being” at home nestled in a valley within the Table Mountain range in Cape Town.

I’ve created a life that I live fully from my heart.

Each day I consciously strive to more fully accept and honour myself, my gifts, and my own unique journey.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been able to “feel and see beyond” people’s spoken words.

As a skilled intuitive I’m able to read the energy of situations and people which helps cut through the energetic “noise” that often leads to confusion, lack of clarity and bad decisions.

In addition, my experience as a credentialed coach means that I can help you understand how your past can either hold you back, or it can elevate your current job, relationship or life journey.

It’s your choice.

I’ve made the choice to Live Consciously and that means fully owning, accepting and honouring who I am.

It’s transformed my reality in ways beyond my imagination and I’d be deeply honoured if you’d allow me to help you do the same.