A Little About Me


Hi, I’m Jacky

I’m willing to bet that for a while now you’ve been feeling nudged towards exploring a future version of yourself?
A version that feels more confident and empowered within your sensitivities.

Maybe you’re feeling the urge to improve your relationship with your physical body?

Or maybe you just want to become more comfortable with who you are?

Whatever you’re pursuing, I’m guessing you’re eager to get going but unsure of those first steps?

Over the last decade, It’s been my absolute privilege to work with people just like you!

I’ve helped many curious and eager souls reach deep within to access their own inner light and deepest wisdom.

Making changes, realigning ourselves and manifesting desires takes courage.

Which we all have. Yes, you too.

Helping you discover and access that courage is part of the journey that we’ll take together.

At soul level..

Which means you’ll be welcoming profound insights, much needed clarity and the ability to finally let old stuff go..

 My own journey as an HSP

As far back as I can remember, I’ve been told that I’m too dramatic, too sensitive, and that I overthink everything. It’s no big surprise that I’ve spent much of my adult life trying to show up as the person I believed others wanted me to be.

Back then, all I wanted was to fit in, be accepted and feel loved. I reasoned that if I could be LESS of what I naturally am, then maybe people would like me? Maybe then I could have the life that I thought I wanted?

I cultivated a strong inner critic, always watching, analyzing and criticizing my own behaviour. I became very adept at measuring my worth by other people’s reactions and opinions of me.

Decades of observing the disappointment and judgement from others whenever I allowed the real me out for a breather, meant that my own intrinsic sense of worthiness and value existed only in the validation I received from the outside.
I saw my raw and authentic self as unliked and unlovable. So I learned to ignore and suppress her.

Judging my sensitive side as “wrong” also meant that any intense emotions felt wildly uncomfortable and I did my best to suppress them through whatever means possible.
That meant unhealthy and codependent relationships with food, friends, lovers and even my trailrunning. I clung onto anything that could relieve (albeit temporarily) my deep fears of feeling unsafe or experiencing any form of loss.

I’ve had moments throughout my young adult and adult life when I’ve questioned my reality. Especially those milestone moments when my life seemed to be crashing down around me.

The desperate discomfort and feelings of helplessness whilst watching my carefully constructed comfort zones crumble, often had me trawling through self-help books, seeking out channellers/psychics or enduring hours of therapy, all in the name of “fixing” myself, my situation and my seemingly endless train-wreck of a life.

My real awakening started to gain momentum in my forties.
There wasn’t any significant event that triggered it, I’ve always been aware of a deep calling to explore who we are and what we’re doing here.
I simply began to act on it.

Feeling and acting like a victim somehow stopped feeling okay.
A deeper “knowing” within started bubbling to the surface which inevitably led to me consciously connecting and finally paying attention to my intuition.

As such, my journey towards unearthing my true nature as a sensitive soul, learning to accept it, love it and value it, took flight and I haven’t looked back.
Not once.

You see, I’ve been where you are.
I know what and how you feel.
And I know from my own experience that there’s a exciting and empowered way to experience life as a Deeply Sensitive Soul.

“I choose to live consciously which means that each and every day I do my level best to fully own, accept and honour who I am, my gifts and my own unique journey.

It’s a practice that has transformed my reality far beyond my imagination and I’d be deeply honoured if you’d allow me help you do the same.”