A Little About Me

My life is COLOURFUL, definitely INTERESTING, and frequently CHALLENGING. 

But, never, ever DULL..

Human Beings are INTERESTING!

My journey has always steered me towards exposing and understanding all the aspects of what influences our (often bizarre) behaviour. 

Why do we think what we think, what inspires our choices, and what drives us to behave the way we do?

I knew that the answer to these questions would be the KEY to understanding how we could consciously create REAL CHANGE to each of our own unique realities.

So, I’ve completed courses . Read inspiring books.

And listened to countless mind-blowing accounts of just how DETERMINED the human spirit can be!

But it doesn’t end there…

In order to show up authentically as a coach, I need to walk the talk.

Which means I’m open and transparent about my own ongoing expansive journey to TRULY KNOWING ME.

Yup, a huge chunk of my inspiration and understanding 

is drawn directly from my own life experience.

I know what it is to feel hopeless. And helpless.

I’ve felt deeply insignificant. Alone. And unsupported.

BUT I also know what it takes to SUCK IT UP and GET UP AGAIN.

To face myself, warts and all.

I know how damn hard it is to CONFRONT MY FEARS, yet face them down..

And I also know what it looks like when your path clears, and you watch your NEW REALITY begin to unfold (and believe me, you DON’T want to miss that..!)

It’s within these experiences that I learned the power behind CHOOSING A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE.

Slowly changing how I see myself.

Ditching the old conditioning of self-sabotage and reestablishing and reconnecting with my innate SENSE OF WORTHINESS. And from there, re-learning how to determine my OWN VALUE instead of relying on validation from others.

And that meant opening the door to more CONTENTMENT, JOY AND EXCITEMENT again (something I never believed possible..)!

It didn’t happen over-night. Nope..

But each small INNER shift facilitated unimaginable OUTER changes.

And THAT’s essentially what I teach others.

THAT’S what I’m here to share.

To illustrate my innate humanness, here are some of my personal milestones (in no particular order):

  • Falling in love (many times)
  • Falling OUT of love (also many times)
  • Being a Mom (this version of me had MANY incarnations..)
  • Changing careers (four times and counting!)
  • Moving from one end of the country to the other. Alone.
  • Buying my own home (twice)
  • Retrenchment (twice)
  • Owning my own business (three times)
  • Losing my own business
  • Losing loved ones
  • Running a marathon (many)
  • Running an Ultra-Marathon (including a 100 mile trailrun – yay me!)
  • Bankruptcy (almost)
  • Abundance and Wealth (yee-ha..!)
  • Simplicity (wooden cabin on a wine farm in the country for 2 years)

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