Coaching Options

If you identify as highly sensitive or empathic, you’ll be no stranger to moments of crippling anxiety and overwhelm, right?
When the world around us feels like it’s “too much and too loud”?

Feeling completely misunderstood by those near and dear to us can also become far too familiar, leaving us feeling isolated and alone.

In a nutshell, life for an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) can feel really hard, so until now, it’s probable that your keen emotional sensitivities have felt more like a burden than anything good.
Maybe you’ve even tried to change or ignore those aspects of yourself.

Allow me to offer some hope…

What if there was a way to experience your unique gifts differently, from an empowered perspective?
So that your sensitive and/or empathic nature enhanced your life instead of holding you back.

What if you could start to really enjoy your relationships, your job, even your body?

When you begin to understand how to truly nurture these gifts, when you accept them as part of what makes you uniquely you, that’s when you’ll learn to see them as your biggest strength.
Your own personal super-power!

What is Intuitive Coaching?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been able to “feel and see beyond” people’s spoken words.

As a skilled intuitive I’m able to read the energy of situations and people which helps cut through the energetic “noise” that often leads to confusion, lack of clarity and bad decisions.

In addition, my experience as a credentialed coach means that I can help you understand how your past can either hold you back, or it can elevate your current job, relationship or life journey.

What our time together will look like

Unpacking WHO you are

Being fully seen and heard is where any transformation begins.
This is where our journey starts.

Identifying WHERE you are

It’s fundementally important to understand exactly where you are before you can begin to explore where it is you want to go.

Exploring what it is you truly WANT

The path to manifesting anything can only show itself when you’ve decided what it is you want.

Understanding your UNIQUENESS (aka your sensitivities)

When nurtured and explored from a place of love and acceptance, your gifts become your tools to creating the life that you desire.
When you fully understand and accept them, they become one of the most important parts of your journey forward.

Overcoming any known OBSTACLES or FEARS

Shifting in a new direction will always trigger fears. It’s normal and part of the process.
Our work together will guide you through and beyond your fears, healing and then expanding those aspects of yourself that have previously held you back.

there are 2
coaching options available:

Single Coaching Package – 1 hour

This is the best option if you’re a newbie and want to dip your toe in and explore the coaching experience

 Six / Twelve Week Coaching Package – 1 hour each

Momentum and consistency are key for the success of any sustained challenge.
I invite you to stay true to the process that you’re investing in and use these sessions one week apart if possible.

$1,020 / $1,920

If exploring coaching looks appealing but you’re open to a more deeply intensive experience that’ll radically shift and expand your reality,
click the button below…

Let’s Get Started!

Schedule Your Complimentary Call

This is where we meet and you have the opportunity to ask me any questions you may have about Intuitive Coaching and my process as a Soul Coach.


Select Your Coaching Package

Once you’ve decided to explore coaching with me, you get to choose your preferred frequency of our time together.

Book Your Sessions(s)

Committing to any process of self-improvement is in and of itself an act of self-love.
Staying true to this process means ongoing commitment and momentum.

Working with me is:

Focused and Engaging

It’s abit like having an intense, purposeful and engaging conversation.

A Mutually Committed Experience

We both show up.
On time.


You get to be YOU. Completely. Without judgement. Always.

An Expression of Authenticity

You see the authentic version of me, I hide nothing about myself (and I expect the same from you).

Potentially Life-Changing

If you fully engage with my process, we expose, we shift, we transform!