Conversation Corner


Are you looking for a way to CONNECT with LIKE-MINDED people?  
Then this could be just the thing you need…



Man is not an island. This we know.

Yup, even if you love your own company, EVERYONE needs some human connection at times. (Yes, you too..)

And what better way than through the joy of CONVERSATION.


CONVERSATION CORNER is space where no more than 4 people per group (including me of course) rendevoux regularly on an online platform to CONNECT and participate in INTERESTING and EXPANSIVE conversations. About LIFE and BEING HUMAN.

As one of the participants, I’ll be sharing my coaching insights and tools too.


NO TOPIC is off limits so this isn’t for the squeamish or easily offended (lol).


What are the benefits? You’ll share experiences and ideas which will blow your world wide open!

How Often? bi-monthly (2 x per month)

How Long? approx 2 hrs

As part of our commitment to each other, there’s a participation fee of $10 per month.


Here’s the thing: listening to other people’s opinions and stories with an OPEN MIND and a healthy splash of CURIOSITY is without doubt one of the most expansive and interesting ways to spend time!

In my own experience, being able to share my own journey with other interested peeps continuously brings more clarity and understanding each time the words leave my mouth..!

Quite simply, connecting with others is, and continues to be, THE most fun and exciting part of my day.

And I want to offer that opportunity to this awesome community of like-minded souls..!


Pop me an email and let’s start a conversation..