Consciously Creating the Life you Choose


You’re only reading this if you’re looking to make some major changes in your life.

It could be that you know exactly what aspects of your reality need to shift, or maybe you can’t quite put your finger on it.

Either way, if you’re looking for a total LIFE REBOOT and you’re willing to DO THE WORK then this could be just what you’re looking for.


What exactly is CONSCIOUS LIVING?

  • CONSCIOUS LIVING means choosing to grow and expand by exposing and facing those super-uncomfortable dark parts of ourselves we’ve managed to avoid/suppress for so long.
  • When we’re living CONSCIOUSLY, we’re fully aware of our role in creating our own reality – internally and externally.
  • As a CONSCIOUS CREATOR we choose to OWN our innate ability to create the life we choose. Which means consciously letting go of the need to BLAME when things don’t feel comfortable.
  • Thoughts create feelings. As a CONSCIOUS CREATOR we’re fully conscious of our ability to CHOOSE our thoughts and subsequent feelings. Which means that the energy of victimhood no longer resonates.


Embracing CONSCIOUS LIVING means:

  • Feeling lighter and more hopeful on a daily basis
  • Less self-judgement which will translate into less judgement of those around you
  • The world around feels less frightening. You start to notice real instances of GOOD out there.
  • Relationships are easier and less intense and/or dramatic. Disagreements lessen as you embrace a stance of acceptance of what is.
  • Inspired thoughts and feelings show up more frequently
  • Optimism and contentment become familiar friends.


Who should apply for this Mentorship Program

You may want to consider this Program if:

  • You’re questioning your PURPOSE or ROLE in this life.
  • You’re at a loss as to how to move forward and/or where you want to go?
  • You have a sense of KNOWING that there’s more to life than your current reality and are CURIOUS to dig deeper both spiritually and physically.
  • You’re interested in exploring your INUITIVE side.
  • You’re prepared to dive deep within to the core of who you are, exposing and challenging your BELIEFS and FEARS, no matter how uncomfortable.


How is Mentorship different from Coaching?

  • Being a Mentee in this program means FREQUENT and often INTENSE interaction with me. This program is for those who YEARN to EXPAND beyond their current beliefs and values, and are willing to do the work.
  • Up to 12 hours of mentoring on Zoom or Whatsapp per month as well as unlimited text messaging (within reason) means that a LOT of ground is covered. That said, your individual UNIQUENESS is valued so each program is bespoke.
  • Every aspect of ourselves plays a role in how we show up. Which means that in order to grow and expand NO area of a Mentee’s life is off-limits.
  • A commitment of at least 3 months is required to qualify for this program


What does the Mentorship Program cost?

There are two options:

  • $900 monthly (paid in advance)
  • $2500 for 3 months (paid in advance) SAVE $200!


If you’re still reading this, then consider that you may feel  a resonance with these words and this process.
Coincidence simply doesn’t exist.


TRUST that notion and let’s start a conversation.


*NOTE: due to the time dedicated to each mentee (approx 3 hours/week) I only mentor 2 clients at any given time