Becoming YOU

Mentorship Program

Your Soul wants you to remember who you are, and why you’re here.
This, right here, is where you begin your journey of remembering so that you can live the life that you were always meant to.

“I mentor not because I know more than you, but because I’ve been where you are. “

Why you should consider this Program


You’re at a place in your life where you’re questioning (almost) everything that used to feel safe and comfortable.
Perhaps you’re feeling uneasy, uncomfortable, irritable or edgy and you’re not sure why?
Things that always made sense, suddenly don’t.
You probably don’t even really recognise aspects of yourself anymore.

“Who am I?”
“Why am I so dissatisfied with my life?”
“I don’t know how to be happy anymore”

Relationships – new and old – are changing. Maybe you have less in common than you used to? Maybe you want to spend more time alone?
Old habitual behaviours, ideas and beliefs that previously offered a feeling of comfort and security, just don’t feel as though they fit anymore.

And that means that those things you coveted that you always thought would make you happy, no longer do.
Situations and events that used to feel exciting and fun just don’t anymore.
Which can affect your job, your relationship(s), perhaps even your physical body.

In a nutshell, your life as you knew it is no longer ENOUGH…


Where to from here?

It probably feels fairly obvious that some form of change is inevitable, most probably very necessary.
And whilst deep, deep down you know it’s what you ultimately seek, maybe it also feels scary?

I’m guessing that the “all-knowing” part of you (aka your intuition) is showing you that there’s more to the life than what you’ve been living.
That there’s more to YOU than what you currently see and feel.
Somehow you just KNOW that there’s a bigger picture which you haven’t yet been able to fully grasp or understand.

The thing is, when we’re overwhelmed with fear and uncertainty, it’s almost impossible to navigate towards where and what we ultimately want or need to be.

When we’re constantly second guessing our thoughts and ideas, unable to define what our truth is, how do we know how to reach for? And how do we know what our next step(s) are?

You’re ready for this program if:

  • You’re tired of playing the VICTIM role
  • You’re prepared to step away from blaming your current circumstances on anything external and OWN it as your own (unconscious) creation
  • You’re ready to reach beyond your fears and explore those deep, dark aspects of yourself that you’ve always felt ashamed of
  • You’re prepared to dig deep and do the inner work (which will be intense at times)

This program facilitates your journey of intense self-exploration as you re-discover your TRUE SELF.

This space will allow you to REMEMBER yourself at SOUL LEVEL, and deeply explore how that manifests in your current life journey.

This is a journey of EMPOWERMENT beyond anything you’ve yet to experience.

It’s right here that you’ll embark on your own unique adventure towards BECOMING YOU!