Working Together

The journey of SELF-AWARENESS often begins when we become UNCOMFORTABLE.

When SOMETHING in one or more aspects of our lives NO LONGER FEELS RIGHT.

And that can manifest in many ways – feelings of hopelessness, anger, resentment, depression or simply feeling stuck.

That you’re reading this could mean that you resonate with that..

So how can working with me change these feelings? How exactly can my coaching help you?

We’re unique beings. Yup – all 8 billion of us.

Yet whilst we’re often influenced by society and those nearest and dearest to us, our thoughts and feelings are our own. Completely unique..

Which means that nobody (not one single person) can truly know how we feel or what we’re experiencing.

And that’s why well intended advice more often than not falls short of being helpful. Or providing any form of relief.

It’s also why when we follow said advice, the results are often fall far below our expectations.

Which leaves us feeling even more helpless and defeated.

It’s my belief (and personal experience) that WE ultimately have all the answers buried deep within us. Yup, only WE know what we truly want!

Sadly, over the years (sometimes decades), we’ve simply cloaked ourselves in so many fears that this knowledge is beyond our reach and comprehension..

And that’s my role in your journey (if you so choose).

Our fears exist as a result of our beliefs and values. Simple.

And often a large chunk of those beliefs/values were taught to us by our peers, friends and families. Well intentioned, of course, but often fear-based.

In our work together we look behind the fears and identify and examine which beliefs and values still hold true and which are redundant.

I guess you could call it an emotional (and often spiritual) makeover.

As you let go of old thoughts and ideas, you make space for new ones. Ideas that, once embodied, could quite literally rock your world (in a good way..!).

And so your transformation begins..

Working with me is a journey of self-discovery.

Together we embark on a process that facilitates a level of self-awareness never previously explored or experienced.

We focus on moving forward, without needing to scratch around in the past.

It’s interesting and enlightening yet also requires courage and tenacity as we gradually peel away the layers to explore and discover the REAL you.

Which is the whole point really, isn’t it..?

Our work together is simply defined as A Journey Towards TRULY KNOWING YOURSELF.

A Little about My Coaching

I’m not a conventional coach.

I celebrate our innate UNIQUENESS which means I don’t follow scripts or host group sessions.

Coaching with me is:

  • Focused and engaging – it’s a bit like having an intense, purposeful conversation.
  • Mutually committed – we both show up. On time. 
  • Safe – You get to be YOU. Completely. Without judgement. Always.
  • Authentic – you see the true version of me, I hide nothing about myself (and I expect the same from you…).
  • Life-Changing! – we expose, we shift, we transform!

My Coaching is NOT:

  • Therapy. We’re not about digging up and wallowing in past dramas, we’re about moving forward…
  • Boring. Ever.
  • About playing safe. We REACH and STRETCH ourselves. And then we REACH and STRETCH some more!
  • For sissies. Enough said…

If you’re interested in working with me, let’s start a conversation.

Want to get to know me first?

Watch my weekly Musings on my YouTube channel or read them here.

If you prefer to dip your toe in gently, take a peek at my online courses in my very own School Of Personal Expansion