Going For The Jugular


You’re clear on the fact that you’d like to try coaching as an option. Maybe you already have elsewhere.

And you’re ready to DIG DEEP right from the get-go.

No tip-toeing around, simply jumping in the deep-end (so to speak) and peeling away the layers of fear that have been holding you immobile.

This option takes courage, an open mind and a willingness to see yourself stripped naked (metaphorically speaking).

WARNING: You may feel discomfort.

But it also means that you’ll expand more rapidly towards a version of yourself that you prefer. 

Moving from VICTIM-HOOD towards a life of CONSCIOUS CHOICES.



About this session:

This can be one or two sessions depending on your preference.

It’s a safe space where I’ll ask the difficult questions to help you get to the root of your limiting fears and beliefs.

Duration: 90 mins

Your Investment: $130 (per session)

Platform: Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp (video or audio, you choose)


Drop me an email to book your session.