The LOOK-AND-SEE Session

Dipping Your Toe In…


So you’re intrigued by what coaching is and what I have to offer but maybe you’re feeling apprehensive?

Is coaching REAAALLLY for you..?

You’re not alone, believe me..

Talking to someone one-on-one can be scary. 

Reaching inside and prodding our fears (voluntarily) can be downright terrifying..!

But if you’re serious about moving forward, and if you know without a doubt that you want to feel GOOD again, then this may be the perfect starting point for you.


About this session:

This is a safe space for you and I to get to know each other without any commitment either way.

You get to ask questions about me and my methods. Nothing is off limits.

Duration: 45 mins

Your Investment: $75

Platform: Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp (video or phone-call, you choose)



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