Do you believe in coincidence?

Me neither..


Whatever got you here, something resonated..

And you’re CURIOUS


Whilst it’s fun blogging and sharing my “unique” perspective of life,

I’m first and foremost, an INTUITIVE TRANSFORMATIVE COACH.

Yup, I’m in the business of transforming lives.


One thing we’re guaranteed in this life, is that THINGS CHANGE.

Relationships, careers, finances. Nothing is exempt.

Some of it is chosen, but mostly it’s not.

And when it’s not, we feel FEAR. 

Which can leave us CONFUSED, ANXIOUS or even DEPRESSED. 

(And then we make really dumb decisions…)


I teach clients how to look at their lives DIFFERENTLY.

How to see their worlds with NEW EYES.


Because when you see your world differently, it SHIFTS.

And when that happens, You SHOW UP differently..

which means that..

Things that have always felt HEAVY, now feel LIGHTER.

SOLUTIONS for what previously felt IMPOSSIBLE, start popping into your reality.


Quite simply, LIFE TRANSFORMS..!

(Which is the whole point, isn’t it?)


“I have seen what success looks like and experienced failure too.

Jacky has taught me wonderful tools that have helped me learn more about myself

and the power that I have to change the way I see things.

I’ve subsequently done things that I never dreamed I would!” – Cathy


I’ve created this website as a platform for like-minded CONSCIOUS CREATORS to congregate and share their experiences.

As a coach, it’s also where I get to meet new clients, share universal principles and offer intuitive insights.

You can choose to connect with others (social media or Conversation Corner),

have private conversations with me,

or learn through active participation at my online school.